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The only software package for the automotive recycling industry designed to help you run your yard (please note: this is NOT an inventory program). It's the only software package that will pay your pullers a commission. The Yard Manager starts after you have made the sale; this software was designed by a recycler to control the flow of parts being pulled from your yard or from the racks. The Yard Manager lets you prioritize what parts need to be pulled from the yard or warehouse. You can easily produce commission reports with just a few clicks. The Yard Manager will help you eliminate unnecessary employees by giving you a daily list of what each yard employee worked on.

The Yard Manager consists of three modules, "Parts To Pull", "Cars To Dismantle" and "Parts To Return". The Yard Manager will work with any inventory software you use, or even if you don't use an inventory program.

The "Cars To Dismantle" module lets you list all vehicles pending dismantling, you establish the priority. Then print a report that calculates commissions for your dismantlers!

The “Parts To Return” module will help with getting returned parts put back into stock or disposal.

Easily pay commissions and control your returned parts pile.

The Yard Manager is what you have been waiting for.  Microsoft has tested and approved this product.  Find out why you should be using the Yard Manager!

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